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Monoatomic gold is simply gold atoms that are separated from each other and no longer bonded in large clusters, unlike the metallic form of gold we’re all familiar with. The metallic form of gold consists of large clusters of gold atoms latticed together. When gold atoms are broken apart by a series of processes, it reaches a point where it is now mono-atomic in nature. Therefore, the atoms of gold have been sufficiently broken apart to nearly if not exactly one atom per particle. The resulting material appears as a fine white powder, which is stable, nonconductive, heat resistant, and chemically inert. As a result of being chemically inert, it can be ingested for our health as an essential mineral no different than taking an iron pill.
There are a few things that one should be aware of when looking for somewhere to buy monoatomic gold. There are many claims to sell the real authentic substance, however receiving a white powder in the mail can be rather conspicuous.

I am disappointed to say that others have claimed to order what they were told was monoatomic gold from other online sources, and when ingested, the effects were similar to that of an antidepressant medication. We must be sure to get the real authentic monoatomic gold from a trusted source when shopping online. We are proud to be the world’s #1 trusted source for real monoatomic gold. Endorsed by Spencer Cross, Author of “The Great Pyramid: A Factory for Mono-Atomic Gold”, and Expert in the process of making monoatomic gold.

Which is safer? Mono-Atomic Gold or ORMUS? Well, ORMUS is made from dead sea salt that contains many different minerals including some toxic ones. The end product is a cocktail of minerals that could be harming your health. Monoatomic gold, on the other hand, is made from pure gold and doesn’t include any other minerals or metals that could be toxic to your health. Therefore, monatomic gold is much safer than Ormus.
Colloid – a homogeneous, noncrystalline substance consisting of large molecules or ultramicroscopic particles of one substance dispersed through a second substance.

Colloidal Gold is a liquid with small clusters of gold that are a reddish to purplish color. Here is an explanation of Colloidal Gold relating to the size of gold nano particles and the color of the solution. The problem with colloidal gold is that the gold particles are not broken up to the degree that they are useful to our bodies let alone safe. Gold in its metallic form is still toxic if ingested and colloidal gold is still gold in its metallic form, just really small nano-particles.

Monatomic – consisting of one atom.

Monatomic gold on the other hand, is broken down to the point where it is no longer in its metallic form and the atoms have all been separated. This is shown by the pure white color. Only gold in a monatomic state can be pure white. Gold in this form is useful to our bodies and not toxic. monoatomic gold actually is no longer a metal and has ceramic properties instead.

Our mono-atomic gold is approximately 500,000 ppm pure gold in a mono-atomic form.
Yes monoatomic gold can be used on the skin. Some people like to add it to body lotion or just rub it directly on the skin. Some of our customers have claimed it to help tighten up their skin.
Yes we do! We all take it on a regular basis for our overall health and well being.
Yes, GoldEnlighten™ Monoatomic Gold is completely safe to ingest without any known negative side effects. Our products are 100% natural and non-toxic.
Typically, you want to start with 1tsp per day for a couple weeks, then increase your dose up to 1 or 2 Tbsp per day based on the effects.

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