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What Makes Our Monoatomic Gold Authentic

Derived from 99.9%, 24k Food Grade Gold

500,000 ppm Monoatomic Gold in every bottle

We proudly want our customers to know that in order to bring you the purest form of monoatomic gold, we use AOCC lab certified 99.9% 24K Food Grade Gold. The gold that we use in our products is manufactured with extreme care, and quality control, as well as adhering to the strict FDA guidelines of edibility and usage.

+ 500,000ppm
+ 24K, 99% Food Grade Gold

Pure Salt (NaCl) + No Additives

Iodine free / No Anti-caking Agents

It is important to use pure salt (NaCl) with absolutely no additives or anti-caking agents. This prevents unwanted minerals and elements from turning to a monoatomic state during our processes and thus providing our customers with a more pure product.

+ Additive Free / Iodine Free
+ No Anti-caking Agents

NSF – Certifed Water Filtration, free from Heavy metals and Dissolved solids

0.00 ppm TDS meter measured / Metallic free

On average, Household tap water can range anywhere from 200-220 ppm of total dissolved solids and heavy metals. We want our customers to know that the water used in our processes are filtered through our TDS measured, 5 stage water filters, resulting in 0.00 ppm each and every time for every batch of Monoatomic Gold we produce. This is a critical part of our process and allows us to deliver the highest quality of ingredients in our products.

+ NSF Certifed Water Filters
+ TDS measured / 0.00 ppm