PantryLA 24k Gold Latte with GoldEnlighten Monoatomic Gold

August 26, 2019

PantryLA 24k Gold Latte with GoldEnlighten Monoatomic Gold

We are so excited to be partnering up with PantryLA, a brand new gourmet cafe, that is opening this fall on Melrose Ave in downtown West Hollywood. Among their finest selection of modern day gourmet goods, coffee, and health tonics, is their unique 24k Gold Latte

You read that correctly! 

24k Gold Latte.


monoatomic gold ormus pantryla

Made with our very own GoldEnlighten® Monoatomic Gold, three other elements of real gold, and adaptogenic herbs - this indulgent latte is crafted to delight your soul and enhance your entire well-being from within. 

Since ancient times, gold has been considered a powerful element used for its healing powers and to promote overall health and well-being. We naturally consume monoatomic gold from organically grown vegetables and fruits grown in rich soil. Nowadays, our soil is becoming more depleted of essential minerals and nutrients, and it is becoming more difficult to eat healthy. 

Having a small amount of monoatomic gold each day has been known to naturally enhance energy, focus, and improve memory.* It is the perfect daily supplement to promote healing within the body at a cellular level. 

24k gold latte pantryla cafe

There is no better way to start your day than with a 24k Gold Latte

Monoatomic gold has also been known to operate electromagnetically to harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain. This action helps the brain’s alpha and beta waves. As high beta waves are associated with greater stress, alpha brain waves are associated with clearer thinking and greater tolerance for everyday stressful situations.*

PantryLA is opening early this fall. Be sure to stop in and try their 24k Gold Latte for an experience unlike any other! If you’re lucky to be local, you don’t have to wait! Order now on Postmates and have one delivered directly to you!

pantryla 24k gold latte

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