6 Things You Must Know About Monatomic Gold aka Ormus Gold

April 14, 2019

6 Things You Must Know About Monatomic Gold aka Ormus Gold

Ormus is an acronym for Orbitally-Rearranged Monoatomic-Elements (ORMES). The term ormus' was invented by David Hudson, a cotton farmer from Arizona, after allegedly discovering' the miracle substance which he later devoted himself in researching and creating awareness about.

This disputed substance refers to a group of monoatomic metals such as gold, silver or platinum which occur in single atomic and low energy state and are claimed to exhibit healing properties, superconductivity, hypersensitivity and even psychic abilities.

6 Things You Should Know About Monatomic Gold aka Ormus Gold

Given the contentious nature of the subject of ormus, many people have piggy-backed onto the theory surrounding it to drive their conspiracy agendas without really doing their due diligence and confusing people further.

However, numerous research has been conducted on the properties of ormus, otherwise known as white gold and it has been found to be beneficial to human health and well-being. Here are 6 things you should know about ormus gold.

It Is Ancient

Contrary to popular belief, Ormus has been with us since the ancient times but was known by other names such as manna, food of the gods, philosopher's stone among other names. Therefore, it is not a completely new thing to humanity. For instance, in ancient Egypt, ormus was used by Pharaohs who gave it to their people during special occasions and was believed to be from the gods. Although they did not really know what it was (thus the belief that it was from the gods), they believed that it was a powerful substance that had holistic benefits to the human body.

In ancient China, a similar substance in form of a syrup, which is now believed to be ormus water, was consumed and believed to have magical healing powers, anti-aging ability among other health benefits. It was also believed to boost the immunity hence keeping diseases at bay.

Ormus Minerals Improve Overall Health

In alternative medicine, traces of ormus minerals in the body is believed to improve overall health. Ormus, being a natural element found in the DNA of all living things, will bring enormous benefits to your physical, spiritual and mental well-being because it causes a holistic effect on the human body.

Monoatomic elements, which constitute ormus gold or ormus powder, are known to positively affect our physical and mental energies. People who have consumed ormus have attested to having a clearer state of mind after a short period of using ormus. There is also a belief that ormus minerals are present in all nature, the more reason why it is known to have the ability to attract good energies towards you.

Ormus Is Known To Improve Agricultural Yield

Now this might sound like a little too much, but did you know that ormus water can be used to nourish agricultural produce? Not only is it ingested directly, but can also have a superficial benefit to your agricultural produce. When David Hudson discovered ormus in his Arizona cotton farm, it was only a matter of time before he discovered that it was the reason his farm was yielding healthier and better produce.

Ormus occurs naturally in the core of the earth and can be brought forth from volcanic eruptions and erosion. On the surface of the earth, it is washed away into the ocean and nourishes the sea life underneath. Ever wondered why plants that grow in volcanic soils are bigger and healthier? This is because the presence of the raw and organic ormus expelled from volcanic eruptions is higher and therefore provides more nourishment to the plants. Since the discovery made by Hudson, many farmers have adopted the use of ormus to improve their agricultural produce.

It Can Improve Your IQ

Every one of us desires intelligence and that is why we spend almost our entire lives seeking intellectual prowess from books and other spiritual activities such as meditation and yoga. However, we tend to miss out on the fact that some naturally occurring elements such as ormus can enhance our mental intelligence.

Since ormus activates the cellular system in the body, it unlocks endless possibilities with the physical human body as well as revitalizing the consciousness while improving the mental awareness. It somehow triggers the cellular activation of the brain, consequently improving alertness and mental health. Good mental health is the hotbed of a high intelligence quotient. Therefore, if you want to improve your IQ by several bars, it is high time you took some ormus supplements.

Anti-aging Properties

The anti-aging properties of ormus have been discussed far and wide. Since humans are so obsessed with immortality, the discovery of ormus' anti-aging properties has really increased its popularity. Ormus has the capability of cell rejuvenation and by consuming it, you are giving your internal physical body a continuous nourishment. The act of cell rejuvenation is known to reverse aging and improve physical appearance.

This is why most celebrities, in a bid to defy age, are now joining the ormus bandwagon. Popular celebrities that have acknowledged their use of ormus supplements are Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, citing improvement in their general health as well as improvement in their conscious and subconscious minds.


Can Be Used For Weight Loss

I know you were hoping to see this. Yes, ormus can be used for weight loss. Since ormus will actively stimulate your cellular system, it also increases your metabolism rate by a good percentage. An increased metabolic rate will mean that your body will be able to burn unwanted fat in time, aiding you in weight loss. Although ormus alone may not directly help in your weight loss, if coupled will a change in lifestyle and active exercise, it will surely speed up your weight loss journey.

Other health benefits associated with consumption of ormus gold or white gold include improved immunity, stress and anxiety relief, curing insomnia among other healing properties.



Although the topic of ormus has not been fully explored, it is quite evident that this miraculous element has tremendous benefits to the well-being of both human beings and nature. If exploited to its full potential, it may change the entire scientific and medical fabric in the world.

If you are looking to introduce ormus into your lifestyle and reap its benefits, you can get it here.

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