Monoatomic Gold

Essential For The Human Body & Our Daily Health

Monoatomic Gold (or Monatomic Gold) has been found to be a key element linked to mood, mental focus, and over well-being. So what is mono-atomic gold? Gold itself, in its bright golden color and metallic state has always been known for its natural healing abilities from alleviating rheumatoid arthritis to improving blood circulation. Now take Gold and break apart its metallic bonds to one single atom and you now have mono-atomic gold.

monoatomic [mon-oh-uh-tom-ik] – having one atom in the molecule.


The World’s #1 Trusted Source for Monoatomic Gold

GoldEnlighten™ is the worlds #1 Leading supplier trusted and endorsed by Spencer Cross, Author of “The Great Pyramid: A Factory for Monoatomic Gold.” Working with Spencer has allowed us to develop our process to which we concur to be the most authentic and effective source of monoatomic gold to date. We want our customers to know that it is upon our mission to provide you with the most authentic source of Monoatomic Gold. As our methods have been proven, tried and tested, we have received amazing testimonials, developed long-term friendships, and witnessed an unbelievable array of health benefits along the way. Through our products, we hope that you find this substance as truly astonishing as we do.


Made 100% Authentic in the USA

We proudly want our customers to know that each and every batch of Monoatomic Gold is made at our global headquarters located in Illinois, U.S.A. All of our products are made from AOCC lab-certified, 99.9% Food Grade Gold, as well as laboratory grade water, free from dissolved solids and harmful heavy metals. We also want our customers to know that all of our products endure a multi-phase quality control checkpoint system, which ranges from the production phase to the quality control phase, as well as being sent out for shipment and final order fulfillment. This process enables our product to be produced identically the same, each and every time.


Endorsed By Spencer Cross:

Author of “The Great Pyramid: A Factory for Mono-Atomic Gold”

“After I started an apprenticeship program, for producing White Powder Gold, GoldEnlighten™ founder Jim Elliott, became the first graduate in April of 2016. Jim is fully versed in production and understands the intricacies and obstacles of completing this unusual process.

There are many sources online that claim to produce the authentic substance which goes by White powder gold, mono-atomic gold, nano-gold, manna, and many other names. However, after personally attempting to contact many of them, to confirm their processes, I am disappointed to say none of them have responded to my inquiries. This could be for many reasons, but I can only speculate as to why. Either way – I have remained suspicious.

Not anymore. I personally walked Jim through the process and he produced it while I oversaw the method as well. So – I am confident that Jim, and the team at GoldEnlighten™, can produce the desired end product.

I can recommend GoldEnlighten™ and know they understand how to manufacture white powder gold (monoatomic gold) in the same manner as myself.”

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